ArgenTech Solutions Honors its Citizen Soldier-Jeanette Colon Rivera

We at ArgenTech Solutions are proud of all our employees who serve in the Military Reserve and Guard. We recognize that the Military Reserve and Guard are essential to our Nation’s strength and freedom.

AgTS and the DOI team would like to congratulate their newest qualified FireEye Pilot, Jeanette Colon Rivera. Not only did Jeanette do a fantastic job during her recent upgrade, she was recently selected for promotion to Sr. Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy as the number one selection in her rate!  She is hitting it out of the park! Combining Jeanette’s specialty as an Operations Chief for Fire and Emergency Services in her Navy position will be an invaluable asset as one of our newly qualified DOI FireEye Pilots.

AgTS values and supports all our employees who serve in the Military Reserve and Guard, as well as all our former military members.  We recognize that our Military Reserve and Guard employees are vital to our Nation’s strength and freedom and we are honored to support them and help give them peace of mind as they perform their Military duties.

Thank you, Jeanette, for all you do for our country and for AgTS!