Since 2011, ArgenTech Solutions, Inc. has provided over 60,000 man-days of frontline field services to the US Department of Defense.  This work is typically conducted by our Field Service Representatives (FSRs) who have the experience and can-do attitude to provide innovative, cost effective solutions to our customers – often in hostile and austere environments.  Since 2012, AgTS has been recognized as the top-rated service provider of operators, maintainers, and trainers for the Insitu ScanEagle program.

As a veteran-owned small business, AgTS is committed to providing the private contractor services that our nation depends on to fulfill its missions around the world.  Here’s how we stack up in that ongoing endeavor:

Image of Insitu ScanEagle UAV

Global Experience:

  • AgTS FSRs have 647 completed deployments, or greater than 86,000 deployed days since 2011.​
  • Support for maintenance & troubleshooting in sites across Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and aboard US and NATO Ships.
  • DCAA and DCMA compliant programs. Can accept cost reimbursable-type contracts.
Image of ScanEagle Pilot

Our Pilots:

  • 90,000+ hours as PIC
  • 10,720 launches
  • 2,000+ average hours of experience (FSRs)
  • 240 average launches and recoveries (PICs)
  • 106+ combined years as UAS operators
Image of Shadow UAV

Our FSRs:

  • 96% Are prior military
  • 86% Are multi-platform qualified (e.g., ScanEagle, PUMA, & Shadow)
  • 38% Are dual qualified (e.g., ScanEagle, PUMA, & Shadow)
  • 25% Are triple qualified (e.g., Operations, Maintenance, MC)
Image of Gray Eagle CSP

Our Commitments:

  • Naval Surface Warfare Prime Contract since 2018.
  • AgTS is an experienced and recognized leader in forward depot maintenance and repair of the Raytheon Common Sensor Payload (CSP) and Multispectral Targeting System (MTS) family of systems mounted on the Army’s MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS.
  • Foreign military sales & NATO support.
  • UN supplier since 2015.
  • International presence with experience working in the Caribbean, South America, and other OCONUS regions.
Image of ESGR Award


  • Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) 2018 Freedom Award Winner.
  • 2021 ESGR Extra Ordinary Employer Support award.
  • 2020 “Beyond The Boots” Award presented by Veterans Count.
  • Platinum Award From Department of Military Affairs & Veterans Services and NH Employment Security For 2020 NH Veteran-Friendly Businesses.