AgTS Receives Platinum Award From Department of Military Affairs & Veterans Services and NH Employment Security For 2020 NH Veteran-Friendly Businesses

Concord, NH: The NH Military Leadership Team, Department of Military Affairs and Veterans Services (DMAVS) and NH Employment Security (NHES) recognized 19 New Hampshire businesses and organizations as NH Veteran-Friendly Businesses last week (12/9/20) at the 1st Annual Recognition Event hosted by Major General David Mikolaities, DMAVS and Commissioner George Copadis, NHES.

The event was held virtually. NH Veteran-Friendly businesses and organizations have made meaningful efforts in 2020 to honor, fortify, empower and impact Veteran employees, Veteran customers & consumers, and the broader NH Veteran community. NH businesses and organizations that achieved this recognition are listed below.

The new program’s logo was also unveiled and the New Hampshire student who designed the artwork used for the logo was also announced during the live event. Sophie Phillips, a senior enrolled at Exeter High School and Seacoast School of Technology, created the winning design that was used as the inspiration for the logo

that NH Veteran-Friendly Businesses will use for years to come. All NH Veteran-Friendly Businesses will be provided with a window decal to display for their guests and customers to identify them as Veteran-Friendly and will have access to the logo to use for their own promotion.

The NH Veteran‐Friendly Business Recognition Program was announced and launched this past summer and serves to:

  • Recognize business that value contributions of Service Members, Veterans & their Families
  • Support military and veteran families by identifying Veteran‐Friendly Businesses
  • Contribute to a broader effort to match talented & skilled Veterans with positions in NH businesses

The event opened with the reading of a letter written by Governor Chris Sununu to congratulate the 19 NH Veteran-Friendly Businesses on their recognition and Miss Phillips on her graphic design achievement. “You value military experience, recognize the skills and talents service members and veterans provide, and your efforts to support and empower veterans and their families helps to strengthen our communities. Congratulations to these businesses and I send my best wishes for continued success,” wrote Governor Sununu.

Each business was highlighted and examples of how they successfully serve or employ Veterans were shared. Representatives from the businesses all graciously accepted the recognitions and shared how Veterans have positively impacted their businesses. Wendy Beswick from Service Credit Union, a Bronze Level NH Veteran-Friendly Business, remarked, “Service Credit Union is honored to be recognized with all these other businesses that are doing so much to impact the Veteran community. Military is really at the heart of everything we do.”

Brendan Finn accepted NH Veteran-Friendly Business Platinum Level recognition on behalf of BAE Systems, Inc. “Not only do we hire Veterans because we are grateful for their service and understand how much value they can add to the company, but they are essential to us meeting our mission statement.”

Deputy Adjutant General, COL (Ret) Warren Perry encouraged the Veteran-Friendly Businesses and professionals in attendance to contribute to a broader effort to match talented and skilled Veterans with positions in NH businesses. Additionally, he recommended businesses connect with other businesses successfully implementing Veteran-Friendly practices to learn from each other. “Continue to hire Veterans and inspire the next generation of Veterans”, urged Mr. Perry.

“The partnerships [in this program] are a win-win for all. It’s a win for the Veteran who has sacrificed all for our state and country to be put into career opportunities. It’s a win for employers to bring someone into the company who is established and has a good skill set. This is Chapter One of a long, storied career for this new program,” said George Copadis, Commissioner of NH Employment Security.

“A common thread was visible today—compassion, conviction and care for honoring, fortifying, empowering and impacting our Veteran community. We can’t do it alone. We need your support. You’re the ones making a difference every day and we look forward to the next chapter of this program,” said NH Adjutant General David Mikolaities, NH Department of Military Affairs and Veterans Services at the close of the event.

To view all the speakers, business highlights and acceptances, please refer to the full-length video recording of the event that will be available soon on the Department of Military Affairs and Veterans Services website:

In order to recognize and celebrate a broad spectrum of ways in which NH businesses honor, fortify, empower and impact Veterans in New Hampshire, the NH Veteran-Friendly Business Recognition Program offers four levels of recognition—Bronze-Honor, Silver-Fortify, Gold-Empower and Platinum-Impact. The program is designed to provide businesses with a roadmap to increase their support of Veterans and their families while moving up in levels of recognition. Applications will be accepted on an annual basis between July 1st – August 30th. Recognition is granted for a 2-year period, then businesses are encouraged to re-apply.