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Our mobile command center combined with our fleet of sophisticated aircraft and sensors can handle the harshest conditions.

Wildfire & Emergency Response



Approved for Federal Wildfire Incident Response, with a five year contract from DOI for On-Call UAS services. Our west-coast based Mobile Operations Center can deploy and be onsite in under 72 hours to most locations.


Our organically integrated UAS delivers real time video to the mobile operations sensor through mesh radio networking, as well as point of interest and perimeter mapping using the Trillium HD50 EO/IR sensor.


Our UAS operators have thousands of hours flying UAS, mostly in hostile environments, and years of experience in manned wildfire aerial firefighting, giving us a unique understanding of the airspace and communication required.


Our specially designed UAS uses a fuel-injected engine for reliable, high-altitude capable performance, and 7+ hour loiter time. It is equipped with ADS-B IN/OUT, a Mode S Transponder, and advanced geo-fencing/loss of link protocols.

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“The idea is that the UAS standard is deployed much like any standard would be for an engine company or a strike team in a disaster."


- Tony Crites, Associate Division Director

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)