ArgenTech Solutions, Inc. employs a diverse team of personnel with a wealth of UAS industry experience.  From retired military UAS operators to aeronautical and electrical engineers to production control specialists, our team has the background and experience to understand the challenges inherent in UAS operations.  This makes us particularly well-suited to handle the type of custom integration work that many of our clients require.  We are experts in radio systems, payload mounts, avionics, and ground station setups and we can design a UAS solution that meets even the most challenging needs.  If you have a set of mission requirements that can’t be satisfied by an off-the-shelf system, reach out to us today and let us work with you to design a system that does!

Image of UAS Integration

We work with a variety of airframes to find the best possible solution for mission-specific needs and we pride ourselves on our UAS industry contacts around the world.  Our team of engineers and technicians can integrate a single system or an entire fleet depending on the size and scope of your project.  Whether you require a smaller solution for localized photogrammetry work, a higher-endurance solution for utility right-of-way inspections, or a larger solution for heavier, more advanced payloads, we know how to source the right systems and components to get the job done.


Image of AgTS Integration Team

Our production process is managed through a series of controls, quality check gates, and extensive documentation.  When a new system integration begins, the team spends time getting to know the project deliverables, system performance expectations, timeline, and technical details before beginning work on the aircraft.  Our production control team assembles a documented work package that follows the system through each step of the production process and every portion of the build is checked for compliance with the requisite quality standards.  Our production control system ensures that every aircraft leaving our facility is integrated to the highest quality.

Image of UAV in Flight

Every system we integrate undergoes an extensive series of bench testing and flight testing before being certified for delivery to the client.  Our technicians take the time to carefully tune each engine on the bench before it ever leaves the ground in order to ensure maximum fuel efficiency, power band, and optimal operating temperatures.  Our engineers tune the autopilot to the flight controls and test all failsafes, command responses, and other programming details in order to prove system reliability.  Only after these steps are performed is an aircraft then released to flight testing where our pilots put it through a documented series of hover flights, manual forward flight and, finally, fully autonomous missions.