In 2019, AgTS signed an agreement with ALTI UAS of South Africa to be one of their sales partners in North America and their exclusive training and service provider for the region. This agreement brings together the strength of ALTI’s manufacturing and the deep UAS operational experience of AgTS and will be a bedrock of our corporate focus through the coming years. We look forward to bringing many ALTI systems to market through this partnership.

Image of ALTI UAS Fleet

‘Vertical Take-off and Landing’ – The ability for an unmanned aircraft to launch without the need for a runway or other bulky and costly hardware, rapidly and reliably.

With brushless electric motors for vertical lift, and an efficient fuel powered combustion engine for forward flight, VTOL aircraft offer significant advantages over conventional designs.– ALTI UAS

ALTI Unmanned Aircraft

ALTI designs, manufactures, sources, and supplies industry leading unmanned aircraft systems for the most demanding operations.  AgTS is proud to be ALTI’s exclusive North American training and service partner.  Through our many years of real-world operational UAS experience in austere environments around the world, AgTS has the essential background needed to provide the highest level of support to our ALTI clients.  When you purchase an ALTI system through us, you will be guided through the entire process by our team of expert operators, maintainers, trainers, and engineers to ensure that your experience with your investment is rewarding and successful.

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ALTI Transition

As the flagship system in ALTI’s fleet, the Transition offers unmatched performance, endurance, and ease-of-operation over any UAS in its class.  With a light maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of only 16.5kgs with a payload capacity of 1.0kg over a 6-8 hour endurance window, the Transition is the perfect ISR platform for security, emergency services, and border patrol operations.

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